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Teamsters Happening December 2017
Updated On: Dec 21, 2017


(December 2017)

Freight topics

  • YRC- grievance settlements more than $3500.00 since June 2017.
  • USF Holland grievance settlements more than $5000.00 since June 2017
  • UPS Freight grievance settlements more than $1400.00 since June 2017
  • Have resolved more than 155 discharges and suspensions.
  • Business Agent Steve Bishop has been appointed to the ABF National Negotiating Committee. Negotiation are set to begin this month throughout early next year for the contract that expires in March 2018.
  • YRC- Change of Operations- Charlotte terminal picked up 8 road drivers. YRC is still struggling with filling the driver vacancies in Hagerstown to make the meets with Charlotte drivers.


  • The implementation of Saturday ground delivery operation has now expanded to Charlotte Hub this past September. Charlotte is the ONLY fully operating Saturday sort in operation in Region, due to its sorting procedures. This will affect around 30+ drivers initially. The Charlotte Preload has been attempting to add up to 90 new preloader positions to the sort, which has proven very difficult.  
  • UPS advised the Union of their intent to use SPVD (Seasonal Personal Vehicle Drivers) this peak season. The IBT as well as the Joint Council and Local #71 view this as a blatant contractual violation in a number of ways. It has already been grieved by Local # 71 and will probably be handled in negotiations.
  • At the time of this writing there are still over 18 Full-time package car driver positions open in the Charlotte hub.
  • President Joe Eason has been appointed to the UPS Atlantic Area Supplemental Negotiation Committee. The Committee has met twice so far and plans on continuing to meet at every AAPGC Panel hearing in addition to other scheduled dates. He has also been appointed to the Gaston Workforce Development Board.
  • The UPS National Negotiation Committee is scheduled to exchange proposal begin negotiations in January 2018.
  • We have resolved and protested over 79 discharges and suspensions and successfully won one discharge cases at the UPS Panel returning those individuals to work. We have won over $qshff in grievance settlement since June 2017.

White Paper Contract

  • Awghrugu Won a $70,000+ back pay and benefits decision for an Aramark employee from the Piedmont Grievance Committee. The company is SO dissatisfied with the decision we are forced to file a suit in Federal court to enforce the resolution. 
  • Guog Won a $5100.00+ back pay claim from Northern Tool for an improper discharge.   
  • Secretary Treasurer Ernie Wrenn has been appointed to the National Negotiating Committee for Alsco. He is also on the American Red Cross negotiating committee.

Organizing Front

  • As many of you know we lost our decertification vote with FedEx Freight this past July. This was due entirely to the FedEx employees lying us during the campaign and believing that the Company had their best interest in mind. They were promised and received over 70 new tractors in their fleet. Ironically, ALL of them had forward and inward facing cameras, that the company is now using for discipline. Another lesson in be careful what you ask for.  
  • We continue to get calls for those interested in becoming a Teamster. Unfortunately, many of them only use the threat of organizing as a ploy to get their employers to step up their game. We will however continue to pursue any and all leads that come our way in hopes of growing this great Union.

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